Data is the modern day business’s big opportunity. That doesn’t make it any easier to understand, manage or extract. That’s where we come in. Our team of data scientists have more than 20 years combined experience building AI products for the modern day world.

Whether you’re looking to innovate your industry, scale-up your marketing or unpick the value of data you already own, we can help you determine and set out on the best course of action.


Our Data Science Consultancy Services


Our sweet spot is between the huge swaths of data and the people working in your business. Helping you to unlock value by automating processes, analysing data, marrying internal and external data, or creating alternative data sets from places like the web.


Our Engineers and Data Scientists love nothing more than working out the path your data is leading you to. Making sense of your data, building new products to help you understand it and future-proofing your concepts to help you retain market leadership. Whether that’s through a data extraction task, or our Data Innovation workshops.


Having worked on hundreds of AI applications over the years, we’ve seen the industry change and have taken plenty of routes for different businesses along the way. Which helps us think outside the box when it comes to tackling your project and finding the best way to empower you with data.

Where Information Turns into Knowledge: Data

Most businesses have a wealth of data at their disposal. But unlocking its value and turning data into insights or innovation is where we come in.

We work with you to ensure your organisation is ready for AI. Our approach takes a holistic look at how you COLLECT, STORE, TRANSFORM, LABEL and LEARN from your data. We carry out a health check on your data in order to:

  • Understand where your data sits
  • Find out what your internal data looks like
  • Understand how data flows through your organisation, how it’s accessed and where it’s stored
  • Discover what external data you need to enhance it further
  • Put all areas together into a workable system

Only then can real AI creation take place.

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Solving Data Problems


Data gap analysis

A lot of the time, companies have most of the data they need to build a product, automate a 8 process or run some analysis. However, more often than not there's something missing that’s needed to help tell the whole story. We can help you identify the gaps, and how to fill them.


Data access and storage

Data has a habit of escaping its confines. Ending up on employee laptops, in the wrong database or just scribbled down on paper. We can help bring all of your data together and build a strong foundation. Ensuring you have the data warehouses or data lakes you need, to make data science possible for your business.


Data Innovation workshops

With data and AI the opportunities are endless, but being able to coherently think through the how, what and why can be hard. With over 20 years experience in building innovative data products, we can help clients through a one, three or five day workshop to become data innovators themselves. If that sounds good, let’s talk.

Let's talk...

We’re here to help you discover your data strategy.

Book a 1-hour free consultancy to explore the potential of data and AI in your organisation and for your customers. 

Our mission

Skim’s mission is to empower people to use data more effectively and to demystify artificial intelligence. Rather than holding up the common narrative of machines replacing humans, we see how machines can help humans to have easier lives and better businesses.

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