Having spent four years building data extraction tool Skim Engine, we get most excited when faced with a data extraction problem to solve. Whether it’s a database, a document, or the entire web, our team are specialists in data extraction and can help you determine what to extract and how to learn from what comes next.


Data Extraction as a Service


Information is everywhere, but extracting data from that information is difficult. Our team of data science experts can link up all of the parts you’re thinking about, and add a few new ones too. We’ll work with you to understand what data you need, how to extract it and where to go from there. It’s a much easier journey if someone else is driving right?


Skim Engine is a tool we built that lets you extract data from the web, a database or a document easily. Most of the data out there is unstructured and largely meaningless. Using artificial intelligence driven tools like Natural Language Processing, Skim Engine gives unstructured data meaning.


You know what data you want to learn from, you’ve got the tool to extract it, what happens next? Often, our clients need a little help putting artificial intelligence to work and building a data pipeline that’s useful in everyday business. We can help you build the AI system you’ve always dreamed of.

Uses for Data Extraction as a Service


Improving marketing using data

If you have customer data, even the anonymous type, data extraction as a service can help you to manage and learn from it. Providing you with intel on what you should be showing to your customers, and when. Like the right pop-up notification or web form download for a specific customer, at just the right time. Almost like magic.


Making use of company data

Your company holds lots of data but other than your own data scientists, how many other customers, employees or investors get to learn from it? Data extraction as a service can help 5 you turn confusing data into natural language. Whether that comes in the form of a chatbot or a web article.


Understanding customer behaviour

Customers expect more personalisation than ever before and personalisation rests on data. Using data extraction you can collect insights about your customers, or the information that’s most important to them, and wrap it up in a digestible format. Whether that’s an app notification, a text or an email.

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Our mission

Skim’s mission is to empower people to use data more effectively and to demystify artificial intelligence. Rather than holding up the common narrative of machines replacing humans, we see how machines can help humans to have easier lives and better businesses.

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