Want to know the biggest database in the world? The web.

Which makes it the perfect place to learn about your customers, find content ideas, wreak havoc on competitors by getting alerted to business opportunities and more. Of course, doing all of that manually is almost impossible.

So we invented Skim Engine.

Our Skim Engine is available for developers via an API. To find out more email api@skim.it

Bespoke AI

Skim Engine extracts and organises data. With a little help from artificial intelligence, it understands the context of a page, and recognises relevant data to extract in a machine-readable way.

Once you have those outputs, you might want to use them for analysis, or to build other AI products for them to talk to.

That’s where we come in.

Outside of the rules

You’ve probably heard the term “web scraping”. Using rules to say, extract a list of email addresses from a website. If the “scraper” hits a page that doesn’t follow those rules, or if it’s changed recently, the game is over.

Skim Engine isn’t boxed in by a set of rules. It’s a free agent, able to learn and adapt, via machine learning.

Untapped potential

What could you do with the largest unstructured database in the world if you could organise it in a useful way?

Skim Engine provides endless possibilities that most companies are only just beginning to harness, built on what’s already available in the world wide web. The data is already there, all you need is some help making sense of it.

Ways To Use Skim Engine

Good stuff, so how can you use it? We love helping businesses determine, and implement, ways to use the Skim Engine.

Find content ideas

Skim Engine can be used to help you find seriously good content ideas. Extracting data from blog posts, news articles and forums and structuring it in a way that’s readable for your team.

Feed chatbots the right content

If you’re using a chatbot to help customers get the information they need, Skim Engine can help extract the relevant data from your website or database to answer specific customer questions.

Monitor prices

Skim Engine can be put to work, running in the background, monitoring thousands of ecommerce products and prices to alert you quickly if there’s a change.

Alternative data

Use the Skim Engine to create alternative data sets for analysing information within predictive financial models.

Customer profiling & segmentation

Make use of external web data and add more characteristics to your existing customer data, to better understand who they are, when to serve them and how to acquire new ones.

Your idea here

The great thing about being able to use the web as a source of data is that we haven’t even begun to explore all of the uses for it yet. So if you have an idea, chances are Skim Engine (or our super smart data science team) can make it happen.

Not Just a Tool

We built Skim Engine to do some, or occasionally all, of the work for you but it doesn’t stop there. We can work with you to make your own brilliant AI product and offer consultancy on any data science project , so that you know how to make use of all of the marvelous tools at your disposal. If that sounds good, let’s talk.

Our mission

Skim’s mission is to empower people to use data more effectively and to demystify artificial intelligence. Rather than holding up the common narrative of machines replacing humans, we see how machines can help humans to have easier lives and better businesses.

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