AI recommendation engine solution for enterprises

AI Recommendation Engine

Optimise your strategy with an AI powered recommender engine that provides a personalised and valuable experience for your customers   BEFORE AI Content and product recommendations tools are working through a very limited amount of data, that often segment users into inaccurate groups. The analysis is carried out by manually tracking data and adjusting recommendations…

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Churn Prediction solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Churn Prediction solutions with AI

Re-engage and retain customers likely to churn to help business growth   BEFORE AI Most companies lose valuable customers or users unnecessarily. Sometimes it’s the dumb rule based systems in place to retain someone, whether its a daily mailshot or a pesky customer service call, that actually results in an irritated customer and a churn…

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Customer Segmentation and profilling with the power of artificial intelligence

Customer Segmentation & Profiling

Use AI to identify customers that make you money, and those that cost you, to proactively take action and improve your business   BEFORE AI Segmenting users or customers is typically done by broad demographic types. Choosing a limited set of attributes such as gender, age or location limits the deeper understanding of customers profiles…

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Our mission

Skim’s mission is to empower people to use data more effectively and to demystify artificial intelligence. Rather than holding up the common narrative of machines replacing humans, we see how machines can help humans to have easier lives and better businesses.

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