Customer Segmentation and profilling with the power of artificial intelligence

Customer Segmentation & Profiling

Use AI to identify customers that make you money, and those that cost you, to proactively take action and improve your business



Segmenting users or customers is typically done by broad demographic types. Choosing a limited set of attributes such as gender, age or location limits the deeper understanding of customers profiles and therefore groups. This has hampered marketers that are unable to effectively target the customers they want, resulting in wasted resource of time and money.



With AI, marketers are now empowered to do so much more with the data their customers provide. By using Machine Learning clustering algorithms and more detailed finer grain data, AI can profile and segment customers by their purchases, their experiences and behaviour with your product or service and so much more. Additional open data sourced by the Skim Engine, can also provide insights never gleaned before. Resulting in much more specific customer segments, and a far greater return on investment.



Our experienced data scientists will hand pick the best models for your industry. Working through the existing customer data you have, to unearth valuable insights. From this, we can see any gaps, and requirements for other external data sources that we gather via our powerful Skim Engine™

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Our mission

Skim’s mission is to empower people to use data more effectively and to demystify artificial intelligence. Rather than holding up the common narrative of machines replacing humans, we see how machines can help humans to have easier lives and better businesses.

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