Using NLP and ML for supply chain risk analysis

AI for Supply Chain Risk

Identify risks across a supply chain to take precautionary action



Identifying risk factors along a trade route takes a huge amount of manual labour, sifting through pages and pages of news stories, to identify an event that may pose a threat. Using second hand information from contacts on the ground and monitoring weather forecasts for each region you source raw materials from. Combining this manually into a report and then taking action would often result in too little too late.



Aggregating multiple sources and scouring all of these combined data points for patterns or anomalies that pertain to risk is the perfect job for an intelligent machine. Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to gather, understand and alert a person or machine to potential risks along a supply chain, can happen in minutes rather than days, ensuring vital delivery of goods for a business.



Our ability to process unstructured web data and news information using our Skim Engine™  allows us to effectively process large amounts of data and find the intelligence you need. Working with our expert Data Scientists we’ll develop a custom risk monitoring service, fine tuned to your industry, trade routes, and suppliers.

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