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AI Recommendation Engine

Optimise your strategy with an AI powered recommender engine that provides a personalised and valuable experience for your customers



Content and product recommendations tools are working through a very limited amount of data, that often segment users into inaccurate groups. The analysis is carried out by manually tracking data and adjusting recommendations accordingly. An irrelevant product or content recommendation is not only a waste of time, it can also have a negative impact on your customers’ decision making process which is costly to your business.



Recent trends have shown the potential of machine learning and data science in changing the way businesses interact with their customers, In fact, AI recommender systems have become successful and widely used tools to engage customers. These AI recommender engines take care of the most heavy lifting tasks: to find, extract, sort and make sense of the data, then matching the results with your customers profiles to serve relevant products or content based on real-time online behaviours.



Our experienced data scientists will hand pick the best models for your industry. Working through the existing data you have, to unearth valuable insights. From this, we can see any gaps, and requirements for other external data sources that we gather via our powerful Skim Engine. The more data you have the more accurate your models, and the greater your success. Our managed service model supports you through every stage from MVP to Production and beyond. Get in touch to speak with a data expert today.

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Skim’s mission is to empower people to use data more effectively and to demystify artificial intelligence. Rather than holding up the common narrative of machines replacing humans, we see how machines can help humans to have easier lives and better businesses.

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