Surfacing Bespoke Content Recommendations

In healthcare, information is everything. For Breast Cancer Care, surfacing the right content to their iOS app BECCA meant asking a dedicated content team to search through thousands of forums, blogs and social media sources. Isn’t there a faster way?

The challenge

Breast Cancer Care came to Skim with the problem of discovering content for their support iOS app BECCA. Needing a way to help a dedicated content and editing team to search, analyse and recommend forums, blogs and social media for Breast Cancer related queries with one catch: the content needed to be accurate.


How AI helped

Skim worked together with Breast Cancer Care to develop a content management system that searched, analysed and filtered thousands of content sources on the internet such as forums, social media, blogs and new articles.

We also added a relevancy system so that the BCC content team could tell the API if the content it was finding was accurate. This feedback loop trained a Machine Learning model to find and extract more relevant content, leading to improved results every time.

The result

The content filtering API was able to identify content based on Breast Cancer topics, extract the information and present it to the BCC team, ready for review and publishing. Automating what was once an extremely long and arduous process.

“Breast Cancer Care and Skim have been working together to develop the technology underpinning BECCA, the Breast Cancer Care app. In this Big Lottery funded project, we are using the Skim Engine to automate and enhance our content creation process and enable in-app personalisation, so every user receives tailored & timely support in their pocket. Skim is made up of great minds who are also very good at explaining the technology in layman's terms. They have been a joy to work with and we are very exciting to continue to work with them on an ongoing basis.”

Kristina Barrick, Head of Digital Innovation, Breast Cancer Care

Our mission

Skim’s mission is to empower people to use data more effectively and to demystify artificial intelligence. Rather than holding up the common narrative of machines replacing humans, we see how machines can help humans to have easier lives and better businesses.

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