Skim Engine Updates: Address Extraction

Skim Engine Updates: Entity Extraction

We’ve been working on upgrading and improving our Skim Engine, expanding its already existing capabilities for data extraction. Generally, the Skim Engine is able to transform unstructured data into structured and machine-readable data. The available data is used for standard processing that can be applied for retrieving information. For this particular feature of entity extraction,…

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AI for Supply Chain

Increase visibility with AI for Supply Chain

According to the McKinsey global survey; Supply Chain is one of the top areas where businesses are gaining greater revenue from Artificial Intelligence and technology investments. 76% of the respondents reported moderate to significant value from deploying AI in their organisations. In fact, AI for supply chains hold high potential for boosting both top-line and…

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Machine Learning for Churn Prediction

4 Reasons To Use Machine Learning For Churn Prediction

In this blog, one of our Data Experts Marcia Oliveira explains 4 reasons why Machine Learning for Churn Prediction is more efficient than traditional methods. No business is immune to the risk of losing customers, but is there more you could be doing to retain them? A monthly customer churn as low as 5% doesn’t…

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how to tun a data science team

How to run a Data Science Team: TDSP and CRISP Methodologies

In this blog, we are introducing two well-known Data Science methodologies for project management, namely, CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) and Microsoft TDSP (Team Data Science Process). Here at Skim Technologies, we adopted TDSP as a guiding Data Science methodology to help us build great products for our clients as it places more…

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Scale-ups outsource data science

Why Scale-ups Should Outsource Data Science

UK & US Data Scientists demand vs supply Data Scientists demand is fueled by the increasing commercial adoption of Machine Learning and AI-powered solutions. In an article, Raconteur quotes a recent report from Accenture, forecasting that “AI will add £654 billion to the UK economy by 2035. A significant portion of that will be outsourced…

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Bleeding Edge Series: Automatic Machine Learning

By Marcia Oliveira 20 minutes read In this article, we look to dispel the myth that AutoML is replacing Data Scientists jobs by highlighting three factors in Data Science development that AutoML can’t solve, and why. 3 Reasons Why AutoML Won’t Replace Data Scientists Yet. Automatic Machine Learning (or, simply, AutoML) is a field that…

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AI for Marketing

Four Applications of AI in Marketing

By Marta Marino and Jack Hampson10 minutes read In this blog, we will provide you four applications of AI in Marketing to overcome your data challenges. We will talk about how our Skim Engine can help you to scale your business and the ROI from this data revolution, for your organisation. All marketers are now…

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Unstructured Data

Why Unstructured Data should be at the centre of every business strategy

There’s a lot of press given to Artificial Intelligence and Data these days, and justifiably so. It’s seeping into every corner of industry, disrupting incumbents and re-inventing the unimaginable. But there’s a lot of businesses that are still yet to understand the value their unstructured data could have on their business. 80% of the data…

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AI and Data Science for social good: MDUK

AI for social good

By Skim Team10 minutes read OUR INNOVATION DAYS Use cases that feature how AI technology and Data Science are helping solve environmental and humanitarian causes have grown in popularity because of their increasingly positive impact. At Skim we believe in a bright future, one that will see the widespread adoption of AI technologies and Data…

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Insurance solutions with AI

Three Applications of AI in Insurance

By Marta Marino and Jack Hampson 10 minutes read In this blog, we will walk you through three applications of AI in Insurance, using our Skim Engine’s capabilities with unstructured web data, and the ROI from this data revolution for your organisation. Insurance 4.0 This year is predicted to be a year of disruptive innovation…

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Skim Technologies Ranks No.1 for AI on Clutch

Machine learning and data science are cutting edge fields, revolutionizing industries and reshaping the way that businesses operate. We are proud of our status as industry leaders, and we are pleased to share that our reputation as leaders has grown in the start of 2019. We are featured on Clutch, the premier ratings and reviews…

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Bleeding Edge Series: Multi-Doc Summarization

In our new series, Bleeding Edge, we look at break through technologies within Text Analytics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing that are making the transition from academic lab rat to corporate cash cow. We’ll take a deep dive into the different technical approaches, and review some of the commercial applications, and the companies starting…

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Extracting Media from HTML

Over the last decade, there has been a rapid development from static webpages with little interactive content to media-rich and dynamic web pages. This can be attributed to new web technologies that make embedding of multimedia content incredibly simple. For example, adding a video in HTML5 is as easy as wrapping it in <video> tags.…

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A Benchmark Comparison Of Content Extraction From HTML Pages

Introduction Content extraction is the task of separating boilerplate such as comments, navigation bars, social media links, ads, etc, from the main body of text of an article formatted as HTML. The main content typically accounts for only a small portion of a page’s source code (highlighted in red in the image below). Extraction is…

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Summarising lists, a popular web content type.

  One of the biggest challenges we’re trying to tackle at Skim Technologies is how to extract the most important information from a web page, in order to vastly improve the way people consume information in a mobile first world…  This post details some of the work we’ve been doing to automatically summarise lists. We…

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Our mission

Skim’s mission is to empower people to use data more effectively and to demystify artificial intelligence. Rather than holding up the common narrative of machines replacing humans, we see how machines can help humans to have easier lives and better businesses.

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